Designing with Fire

Designing with Fire gives you the ability to design fire without limits. Break the mold of the traditional "fire pit" and go beyond!

Why Us?

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Why Fire?

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    Fire INVITES

    We will help you create that dream fire feature that will invite great experiences and people.

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    Fire WARMS

    Our fire features create warm experiences all year-round.

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    Let your spirit and creativity be free with us.

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    We help you create memorable moments with loved-ones.

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    Fire LIGHTS

    Light up an empty patio with our unique fire features.

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    Creating a customized and astonishing patio experience is possible with us.


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    Fire ADDS

    Add warmth, add charm, add magic to your patio experience.

"After several years of trying multiple manufacturers we installed our first two Montana Fire Pits last year. Both turned out beyond expectations and our clients were delighted. No more Brand X ......only Arch Fire on our projects moving forward!" - John

"I'm a sculptor and designer that was commissioned to create a custom fire pit for Angel City Brewery here in downtown Los Angeles. After a lot of research, I decided on the manufacturer Warming Trends for my hardware. I found Montana Fire Pits and Arch Fire to be very helpful in my design phase. They helped immensely when it was time for the plumber to install the electronic starter and gas line. One phone call and it was done. I will definitely use them again for the next fire pit project.". - David

"From concept to reality, Warming Trends and Arch Fire helped this all come together. No regrets when dealing with Arch Fire. I recommend them to everybody interested in going above and beyond the standard products you can buy. If you insist on quality and reliability, then you better be working with Arch Fire" - Adrian

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